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Jikiden Reiki

About me

Although I have taught Usui Reiki (Western) since 1999 and practised it since 1995, I felt I wanted to take Reiki further. There are so many different types of Reiki in the western world but I had a strong urge to go back to it's roots; back to where it all first started, Japan!

I heard about Jikiden Reiki from a teacher called Frank Arjarva Petter. After reading one of his newsletters and an article about Jikiden Reiki I decided to go and join a seminar that was being held at his home in Düsseldorf, Germany.The seminar was to be taught by Tadao Yamaguchi and was the first seminar he had held outside of Japan . Well that was in 2005. The following year I completed my Shihan Kaku (assistant teacher) when Tadao Yamaguchi came to the UK . This allows me to teach Shoden level. Although I could now teach I felt somewhat in awe of the whole experience, so much so that I have been working with Jikiden ever since. Just because you learn to teach something, doesn't mean that you have the right attitude and enlightenment to do a good job. You have to find the right place within you, then you find the right time and people.

The time is now right! I feel that in my mind, body and heart.

What is Jikiden Reiki and it's History?

The official name for Reiki is “Shin Shin Kaisen Usui Reiki Ryoho” which means “Usui Reiki Treatment Method for the Improvement of Body and Mind.” Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki discovered he had this healing ability when fasting on Mount Kurama near Tokyo , Japan . He used this method of treating people and devised a way to give this ability to others. He established 20 teachers before he died of a stroke. One of them was a medical doctor named Chujiro Hayashi. Despite the strict medical laws in Japan he opened a small Reiki clinic in Tokyo and formed his own Reiki Institute with Mikaos Usui's permission.

Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi in 1938 and co-founded Jikiden Reiki with her son Tadao Yamaguchi who, along with his family grew up with the knowledge that Reiki was practiced and used daily and was a very effective first aid treatment for all minor ills.

Tadao Yamaguchi still teaches Jikiden Reiki today in the same way that Chiyoko Yamaguchi, his mother, and her family were taught by Chujiro Hayashi. Nothing has been, or will be added or changed. It comes from a background of Japanese culture and seems to have a purity to it which keeps you grounded. Once learned, it will be part of your life forever. It will enrich your life and bring unseen changes which when looking back, will amaze you.

Jikiden Reiki energy is, although gentle, very powerful and strong. It brings balance to the body in order for the body to start its own healing procedure. It may promote quicker recovery from operations and used daily may help you with the maintenance of your health. ( It is not intended to replace medical treatment ). From my own point of view I see my doctor far less than I used to unless it's something very important.

Jikiden Reiki is a beautiful treatment that can be used by anyone regardless of background, belief system or their state of health.

There are no contraindications for the use of Reiki so it may be used on a baby in the womb throughout life to death.


The Benefits of Learning Jikiden Reiki

Now more than ever, people are recognising that using medicines without much thought for every ailment or minor illness puts more toxins into our bodies, then our bodies have to deal with the this as well as the fact that they suppress the symptoms and as the medicine wears off the symptoms return.

Your body then has two things to sort out. The illness and the toxins. If you use Jikiden Reiki it may aid your body naturally in expelling the toxins and speed up your journey back to good health; and do it in a more natural way!

Reiki is the one treatment that you can give yourself whether seated or lying down, alone or in company, it's done over clothes.

You and you alone are responsible for your own health.

Giving Jikiden Reiki uses life force energy which is in and all around us. Everything has an energy which simply needs harnessing and channelling to achieve a harmonious, healthy balance.

If you decide that you would like to learn Jikiden Reiki and be able to use it on yourself to help with the stress of everyday life and create a productive and healthy change to your lifestyle why not consider a seminar?

Fees for seminars in Jikiden Reiki

No Seminars currently planned – Treatments only until further notice

The Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan has established fixed fees for each country. 

Each Jikiden Reiki teacher has fulfilled the requirements and gained the experience necessary to teach. Therefore, no one teacher is seen as better than another and Jikiden teachers will charge the amount specified for the country they are teaching in.

The fees reflect the quality and quantity of information in the seminars, the knowledge and experience of the teachers and the value of Jikiden Reiki.


Shoden Level Reiki
Contents: Parts 1 2 3

Please call for details...

2 days
Location: Mayfair Therapy Room

All prices include: teaching, Reiju (attunements), treatment, textbooks, handouts, registration with the Institute, an English certificate and a wonderful hand-written Japanese certificate


For more information or to book a place on a course please e-mail me at . Or call 01455 850915 and I will get back to you as soon as possible .



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