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Here is some of the feedback provided by our clients;


My first visit to Melanie Telling was in June 2008, when a disc moving in my back was causing me considerable pain.

Through Spinal Touch Treatment Melanie was able to resolve my back problem and my posture improved over the few treatments that I received.

Spinal Touch was a wonderful and gentle treatment and I would recommend anyone who suffers with lower back problems to book a treatment with Melanie.

I felt at ease with Melanie from our first meeting, and the balance of Professional Therapist and concern was perfect.

I therefore decided to try a treatment of Jikiden Reiki and since then, I can honestly say that it has totally changed my outlook on life.

I have had several treatments of Jikiden Reiki from Melanie, all of them have had different results from seeing colourful lights, to feeling someone touch my arm and talk to me.

What has been consistent is the relaxation that I have felt after and the feel good feeling that I have experienced after each session.

Earlier this year, I attended a seminar at Mayfair Therapy Rooms where Melanie taught me Jikiden Reiki. I found this weekend relaxing, inspiring and great fun, with wonderful company and fantastic hospitality offered by Melanie and her husband David.

I have now begun to offer Reiki treatments to clients myself, and everyone is pleased with the results. Thank you so much Melanie.

Kim W


Both days were very enjoyable with fantastic hospitality and food.

Melanie was a joy to work with, explaining everything thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand.

Having never done Reiki before (any sort of Reiki) I was a little apprehensive as to what I would be doing and experiencing. I was pleasantly surprised and found that I am very sensitive and susceptible to the energies passed through from one person to another through hands and auras.

On the second day of the 2 day course we were officially attuned and given 2 lovely certificates, one in English and one especially made and shipped from Japan with excellent quality paper and beautiful writing. These certificates made me feel quite proud and were given as a proof of qualification.

Melanie made sure we had plenty of practice using Reiki on one another, explaining the various terms and phrases to explain certain ailments, feelings and sensations plus a history of where Reiki originated from.

Melanie's lineage is also very close to the founder of Reiki (Jikiden Reiki) and her style of the Reiki positions and methods were taught to us just as it would have been taught by the founder of Jikiden.

All in all a good value for money enjoyable course, fantastic food, great company, clean inviting therapy room and a friendly master who was a pleasure to work with and learn from.

Looking forward to taking part in more courses soon.

Thank you



"Wow. What can I say? I would definitely recommend the Jikiden Reiki course with Melanie.

I have no previous training in Reiki, my only experience is a few treatments which led me to want to learn more. The lack of previous training is not a problem in any way as the course was suitable for any one, regardless of their current knowledge.

On a professional level the course was interesting, thorough and wonderfully presented. All aspects were covered, including the origin of Jikiden, how it works, personal Reijus (attunements) and of course, plenty of 'hands on' practice. On completion Melanie also conducted a candle lit presentation ceremony in keeping with its tradition.

On a personal level, Melanie was warm, friendly and genuinely committed to ensuring that everyone not only enjoyed the weekend, but were also confident and happy with their new knowledge. Melanie put in well over 100% effort to the success of the course, had unlimited patience, a cool sense of humour and an abundance of passion, enthusiasm and energy which is contagious. In addition to this she also provided gorgeous home cooked lunches which are totally yummy!!

Thank you Melanie for introducing me to a new life, and still being there after the course, to support me."



I have a number of experiences since my attunement. Shan's brother is a Reiki master so he explained some of them for me. You didn't tell me that there is no off switch once it is on

Since my attunement, I have had a number of experiences that were interesting on the spiritual front. My receptionists have commented on how hot my hands were whenever I touch them (after they are unwell) on there feet or heads etc.

I will continue to practice this new skill and try to integrate it into my alternative medicine branch.

Thank you for attuning me. I look forward to level 2 one day.



Words cannot express my thanks enough to Melanie for all the help in giving me back quality of life. I was in excruciating pain with Spondylitis when I went to her for Spinal Touch, I felt a difference when I left and felt better by the hour , in days I was totally free from pain.  will tell anyone to go to Melanie for Spinal Touch as the results are unbelievable for which I will be ever grateful.




I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed our Jikiden Seminar. I was so impressed with the excellent instruction I was given and the amount of effort made by you. As you know I am already a Reiki Master / Teacher, but I had been very drawn to this original and traditional form of Reiki, because it is pure and so close to the source. I particularly enjoyed our Reiju (attunements), and the beautiful candlelit award ceremony at the end, when I received my now treasured certificate.  The wonderful food provided by you was very much appreciated, and lunch became another shared experience in a lovely tranquil setting. This memorable weekend was all I wanted it to be and so much more. I came away feeling honoured and very special. I am already realising the benefits of working with Jikiden. People are noticing the difference and there has been a positive response from those  have treated so far.  I feel confident that I will grow now with Jikiden Reiki and cannot thank you enough for what you have given to me.



My name is Terry Hughes and I have just completed a Jikiden Reiki - Shoden Level - course with Melanie Telling.  Having already completed the Western Reiki levels 1 and 2, I was very eager to participate and learn more about Jikiden Reiki, which is the pure and original form of Reiki. 

From the very warm welcome I received from Melanie on my arrival I knew I was in for a treat.  The course lasted for two full days and during that time Melanie patiently took us all through the origins and principles of Jikiden Reiki as taught by Tadao Yamaguchi, son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi, his Mother and Founder.

Melanie showed us how to provide treatment looking for Byosen finishing with the Kekko Massage. We all had plenty of practice during the two days, which I found very helpful and personally speaking, more 'user friendly' than that shown in Western Reiki.  During the two days we also received three Reijus, which Melanie performed.  This was another powerful experience and quite personal as we all apparently experienced different things.  The climax to our course was the Reiki Kokan, a candle ceremony, which Melanie performed with great dignity.  During this ceremony Melanie presented us with our English and Japanese Shoden certificates, each one signed by Tadao Yamaguchi himself.  This was indeed a fitting climax to a wonderful course.  Jikiden Reiki certainly is pure and original.

Melanie is a teacher who has a very warm and caring attitude and is bubbling over with energy.  She also has a wonderful sense of humour, which is very important and her culinary treats are a delight to behold.  Thank you Melanie and I look forward to being able to go to the Okuden level.




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